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It’s a tedious and painstaking process.
There are no signs to get to the place where they make asin tibuok in Bohol. Those determined to see the ancient method of crafting pure, organic salt will need to ask directions from locals in the town of Alburquerque and just hope ...
Japan took to its traditional garment for this movement for world peace.
The kimono, Japan’s traditional garment, is a well-known symbol of the country. The carefully crafted article of clothing has spanned centuries and carries a huge cultural importance, especially when it comes to nationhood and unity. While it may not be something anyone would ...
A Ting Hun is much more than an extravagant exchange of gifts.
Pre-wedding traditions are spread throughout the world, and every culture has its own version. For the Filipino-Chinese, there’s the formal engagement ceremony called the Ting Hun. A Ting Hun is a pre-wedding custom that’s similar to the Filipino tradition of pamamanhikan, a ...
Spanish royals have an official rotting room.
Royal houses make up some of the oldest and most historic families in the world. As such, they’re steeped in tradition, customs, practices, beliefs, and more. Occasionally, some practices that get picked up and turned into traditions can take a turn for ...
The beautiful writing tools are more than just writing instruments.
The idea of owning a nice pen is a bewildering concept to many these days—especially when most writing is done digitally. Old fashioned as it may be, the tradition is even more important now than it was before.A pen is an extension ...
For the first time, the Royal Navy took part in the Changing of the Guard. Here's why that matters.
When it comes to traditions, only a handful of countries can rival the United Kingdom. From tea culture to royal customs, it seems there’s a tradition for everything. So when the Royal Family Twitter account wrote about a ceremony and a historic ...
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