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Plus additional hacks for convenience when flying in a pandemic.
Starting October 28, passengers flying Cebu Pacific can skip lines and hack priority boarding with the local carrier. Travelers flying in the Philippines can now purchase Go Ahead, which guarantees priority boarding and a premium seat with extra legroom on any of the ...
Rediscover the Luzon's rare plants and wildlife.
After more than a year of being cooped up at home, nothing beats stretching your legs, challenging your body that's been resting for too long, and breathing in fresh air from the slopes of Sierra Madre. You'll be glad to know that Masungi ...
It’s a young people’s world.
Check into Le Charme Suites in Subic and there’s more than a good chance that either Beverly Lim or Leeray Alop will greet you at the lobby. Lim is the hotel’s duty manager and Alop is the hotel manager. There’s nothing inherently ...
It’s called The Rig.
Theme parks are a dime a dozen these days, but we haven't seen one that’s based on oil platforms located out at sea. Until now.Saudi Arabia has announced plans to open what it says is the world’s first tourism destination on offshore ...
A lot of parents had to be more creative and resourceful during this pandemic.
When you put together an old water tank and a bodega what do you get? Dad and real estate owner Ronald “Tonton” Tan said you get a tiny house.“‘Yung Tank House talaga is a story to tell,” he said in a Summit ...
Movement sessions, mindfulness therapy, with a beachside view.
When it comes to island escapes from everyday life, Boracay is the first thing that comes to mind. For anyone looking to get a good dose of the island's beautiful pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, Discovery Shores Boracay, located on the finest part of ...
Pending resumption of international leisure travel.
The Philippines for the third straight year was voted Asia's top beach and dive destination by the World Travel Awards, the Department of Tourism said Tuesday, pending resumption of international leisure travel. It's the fifth time over-all that the country received the honor, voted ...
Get to see the island on two wheels.
Erielyn Gaston only started riding bicycles as the pandemic raged in 2020. The Boracay resident who owns and runs the Mediterranean-themed Kasbar on Station 1 started renting bicycles to get around the island until she finally bought her own in November last ...
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MrQ, an online casino, has just released a study on the best cities for sociable students. As part of the study, the site released an unofficial guide to university life by analyzing everything from the best cities for students to the best ...
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