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There’s a reason why the luxury resort is the best on the island.
When you think of a popular beach destination in the Philippines, Boracay definitely comes to mind. Its pristine white sands, calm waters, and bustling island life make it a hot travel spot for both local and international tourists. With the variety of ...
Start packing, stat.
Once again, Italy is making a call for people to move to their beautiful villages. So, if you've ever wanted to live La Dolce Vita with all the pasta, gelato, and beautiful scenery, the Southern Italian village of Calabria is your ticket. To ...
Have you been to the Secret Lagoon in El Nico?
Palawan is used to being in the spotlight. It’s been named one of the world’s best islands and beach destinations almost every year—and 2021 is no exception. Big 7 Travel has just named El Nido’s Secret Lagoon the fifth best beach in ...
Lots of closed businesses, but still plenty of beautiful things to see and experience.
In case you were wondering, Boracay still looks beautiful. The sand is still white, the coconut trees still sway in the breeze, and the waves still gently lap the beach. But one of the country’s top tourist destinations has been ravaged by the ...
Take a break from city life and spend time with nature.
One of the best things about living in the Philippines is how easy it is to leave the city and be one with nature without traveling too far. You can literally just drive out and be on a beach, mountain, or lake in ...
More reasons to immigrate? Kidding.
We’ve written plenty of stories about the most powerful passports in the world and even the hidden details of our own Filipino passports. But the Canadian passport might just win the title of coolest passport in the world, and not just because ...
The glass floors of your villa will take your breath away.
Nestled on an idyllic island in the middle of clear, turquoise waters in Culion, Palawan is Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort (SETIR).With much of the country’s tourism still at a standstill, a point-to-point travel bubble is in place from the Sunlight Air private ...
Oriental Mindoro launches a travel app.
Oriental Mindoro is an underrated destination in the Philippines, and maybe that’s a good thing. The province has hidden waterfalls and white sand beaches that are largely untouched. Its corals and clear blue waters attract rare marine life, and its unspoiled mountains ...
Some destinations to add to your bucket list if you're into fitness.
In case you didn't know, going green isn't just limited to recycling. In fact, being more environmentally friendly even includes thinking about how you exercise. From biking and running to walking, where we live plays a part in just how sustainable it can ...
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