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Power posing can only go so far and will fail miserably if you can’t back it up with actual power. 
It is rare that I, Si-si Coo, the Truly Rich Lady, find myself not in a position of power. So when I was invited by Iggy, a Not Close Truly Rich Friend, for coffee, I knew something was about to go down ...
It is harder now to determine who is Truly Rich, what with hordes of people coming into money or, you know, dressing like they have money.
While waiting for my driver to pick me at the driveway of Grand Old Hotel, I overheard this conversation: “That one! That looks like a good one right, Jen?”“Yes, yes! Porsche Boxster, the 2020 model. Gucci sneakers. Suit and sunglasses. And a full ...
C.C. Coo asks her Truly Rich Friends.
Dear Readers,I would just like to remind everyone that I am no relationship expert, and yet you still keep asking me what to do about your hearts? (Maybe see a doctor.) In particular, curious minds want to know, where do broken hearts ...
The do's and don'ts of using the T word.
Riddle me this: What do you call a Truly Rich Lady whom you have just met and maybe, because of your blurry vision, appears older than you? Do you call her the T word? A tita?Please don’t.I don’t know how it started ...
Truly Rich People can be quite funny.
I really want to know more about my friends, so when Town&Country Philippines hosted its Fab Dine Around event (This is a marvelous idea! Why put together a party when you can have 61 restaurants do it for you?), I took the ...
Lessons on how to live a long and fulfilled life.
I, the Truly Rich Lady, am not afraid of getting old. In fact, I am looking forward to the (still far off) days when I am entitled to free parking, preferential service at banks, and a discount for a double scoop of ...
There is now the court of public opinion, a dour, unwinnable arena you never want to find yourself in.
Who hasn’t been in a situation where the intensity of emotion explodes into something else?Before you know it, as you do your darndest to contain a stupid heart that just wants to leap out of your throat, your voice reaches a shrill ...
In a relationship, you should welcome a challenge, but reserve the right to say no.
Dear Truly Rich Lady,I am newly married and I feel so wonderful! I wake up every day next to the love of my life. He still introduces me to people as “my bride,” which just makes my heart melt. And our combined ...
Or: how not to be a target of borrowers and scam artists when you're clearly loaded.
Recently, a Paranoid Lady offered me advice: “You know they’re all looking, right? Be careful, Si-si. They are waiting and wanting.”The random lady, in the midst of our summer party, took my hand into hers and then gave it a squeeze. Then, ...
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