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It's not the first time a mob of angry protesters loyal to a fallen leader tried to violently overthrow the government.
American news media had a field day last Wednesday (January 6) when demonstrators loyal to President Donald Trump descended on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. The end goal was to disrupt the certification of electoral college votes for President-elect Joe Biden, which ...
Are we ready for another four years of Trump’s America?
The elections in the United States is here. Most Filipinos would argue we have our own problems to deal with here at home, but should we be concerned about the outcome of these upcoming polls? Is the U.S., and the rest of ...
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those with mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 can be contagious for as many as 10 days.
U.S. President Donald Trump staged a dramatic return to the White House Monday night after leaving the military hospital where he was receiving an unprecedented level of care for COVID-19. He immediately ignited a new controversy by declaring that despite his illness ...
Men are divinely ordained as the "head" of the family and faith.
U.S. President Donald Trump's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court has close ties to a charismatic Christian religious group that holds men are divinely ordained as the "head" of the family and faith.Former members of the group, called People of Praise, say ...
He was at President Donald Trump’s luxury resort in Florida.
At US President Donald Trump’s annual New Year’s Eve bash at his Florida estate Mar-a-Lago, where his family and close friends welcomed 2020, there was at least one Filipino guest. Robbie Antonio, managing director of Century Properties and founder and CEO of his ...
Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac Perlmutter has donated $600,000 to the president's re-election campaign.
The announcement that billionaire Stephen Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins, Equinox, and SoulCycle, is hosting a Hamptons fundraiser for Donald Trump sparked a boycott by some members of the gyms, including celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Billy Eichner. And now Armie Hammer has pointed ...
Here’s what to know from the collection of depositions, photographs, and receipts.
On Saturday, convicted sex offender and accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell at the Manhattan Correctional Center. The multimillionaire financier had died in an apparent suicide while awaiting trial on charges of trafficking girls aged as young as 14 for ...
Hiroshima happened 72 years ago this week.
To the horror of the watching world, the President of the United States appeared to overtly threaten nuclear war today. President Trump warned, in bizarre language, that "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States," promising that Kim Jong-un ...
One of them is set to become the Solicitor General of the United States.
U.S. President Donald Trump has been accused of having racist and anti-immigrant leanings. However, the Filipino Americans whom he has tapped to be in key positions seem to believe that he can, indeed, make America great again (whatever that means).Many people find ...
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