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And you can be damn sure you'll want to wear it all the time.
One of the more obscure off-shoots of the rise of bronze as a popular material for tool watches is the phenomenon of extreme patination. If you remember your high-school French and are now imagining this is a cross of ice-skating and parkour, ...
There's also the Explorer collection that is a tribute to the adventurers who made their mark in the 20th century.
The big news for Rolex this year is its new Explorer collection. First, the new generation Explorer now comes with a new bi-metal variant aside from the all-steel version. The unusual inclusion of precious metal for the new generation Explorer watch gives ...
The watch brand dressed the wrists of French Navy divers for half a century.  
Bet you didn’t know this: Tudor, the younger, more democratic brother of Rolex, has supplied diver’s watches to some of the largest navies in the world for decades.Top Story: 10 Common English Phrases You've Been Saying IncorrectlyIn 1954, the Swiss company released its ...
Tudor Unveils the Navy Blue Black Bay Fifty-Eight in the Philippines timed with global reveal.
Because of the global pandemic and cancellation of Baselworld 2020, major Swiss watch brands like Rolex and its sister brand Tudor decided to put off the unveiling of its 2020 Novelties. Traditionally held every March, Baselworld is the world’s largest annual watch ...
The Fifty-Eight ‘Navy Blue’ is Tudor's first new watch of 2020.
Tudor has announced a new model in its Black Bay Fifty-Eight line, its popular vintage-meets-modern style of dive watches based on the brand’s iconic Submariner design.The Black Bay Fifty-Eight ‘Navy Blue’ has a 39mm case and takes its name from its navy ...
Tudor is known for being Rolex’s edgier and more experimental younger sibling, the perfect embodiment of which can be seen in its chronographs, celebrating a milestone anniversary this year 
Ah, the ’70s—the decade that gave us Apollo 13, the Watergate scandal, Jaws, Disney World, and the breakup of The Beatles—but watch enthusiasts can identify it for another reason entirely: 1970 was the year that Tudor watches unveiled the Oysterdate, its very first ...
What began as a matter of function has since become a sought-after brand signature. We take a closer look at what makes the Tudor Snowflake so special.
They say that what makes a snowflake exceptional is that no two found in nature are exactly alike. That statement doesn’t apply to Tudor’s Snowflake hands, but it doesn’t make them any less desirable. In fact, its version of the snowflake is ...
But I want to wear it first.
I don't have a child—yet. But I want one. Ditto that for the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight watch. Now, let's be clear: I am not equating the desire for a family with the desire for timepiece, no matter how exceptional that timepiece ...
Two reasons to consider Tudor right there.
Let's cut to the chase: Tudor was established by Hans Wilsdorf—you know, the man who also founded Rolex—as the watch that offered the same dependability of the Swiss luxury timepiece, but at a more accessible price. He was just looking out for ...
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