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In true drag fashion, expect shade.
The tea was served in a swarm of tweets when Manila Luzon, who participated in RuPaul’s Drag Race, recently announced the arrival of the first-ever drag reality series in the country. The casting call for Drag Den Philippines was posted on Manila Luzon’s Twitter ...
Open call for small business owners and entrepreneurs is ongoing.
Filipino entrepreneurs looking for support in these tough times will be interested to know that there’s an opportunity waiting for them via a new reality TV show, where they can win P1 million in funding. Project Go is a program developed for ...
The nurse took care of the singer’s grandfather.
Singer Michael Bublé was so grateful and impressed with how a Filipino nurse took care of his grandfather that he is giving her a house. The Canadian crooner is actually just fulfilling his grandfather’s wish for the nurse, named Minette, to have her ...
It was an instant hit with the public, but the royal family hated it.
Imagine having access to a program much like Big Brother, but with the British royal family as the television show’s guinea pigs. Very few staunch royalists know of the existence of such a program—a documentary that aired only once in 1969. Royal Family ...
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