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The Chief Twit himself confirms.
After the soft launch of Twitter Blue a few weeks ago (and after it was pulled out), Twitter is set to launch different badges to tell accounts from each other. No more impersonations this time around on the bird app, it seems.Sorry ...
That's what we get when "comedy is now legal on twitter."
After a chaotic week of unchecked, unhinged impersonations, Twitter has apparently decided to hit pause on Twitter Blue. Far too many users had used the verification check mark to pose as brands and famous people.CEO Elon Musk's gamble to generate revenue just ...
A small price to pay for our corny tweets.
Say goodbye to typos, grammatical errors, missed tags, and, well, regrettable takes. Twitter is finally rolling out its new edit feature, a thing about 238 million users have been hoping for since the dawn of time (they really gave us a newsletter ...
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