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The Chinese giant will reportedly use part of the fund to acquire some of Uber’s stock in Grab.
Alibaba is planning to invest $3 billion in ride-hailing giant Grab, Bloomberg reported Monday, citing anonymous sources.Also read: Who is Ivana Alawi One of Bloomberg’s sources said the Chinese ecommerce giant plans to use a portion of the funds to acquire some of the ...
And it looks like the end isn’t quite in sight yet.
A second wave of job cuts at Uber has seen the ride–hailing service lose another 3,000 of its staff because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement comes less than two weeks after it laid off some 3,700 of its ...
This is why we can't have nice things.
With Uber's exit in the country on April 16, commuting in the Metro Manila just got even worse. The app, despite sometimes being a more expensive option, threw a lifeline to commuters in the hellhole that is the Metro Manila public transportation system.With Grab ...
This ride share app wants to jump into the gap left by Uber, and they’re not letting the LTFRB stand in their way.
With thousands of commuters and drivers left hanging due to Uber’s one-month suspension, Arcade City has launched operations in Manila, Cebu, Angeles, and Batangas.The ride-sharing app is different from Uber and Grab in that it doesn’t govern its drivers—it simply gives them ...
So many people have an opinion, but few people have a ride home.
On Monday, August 14, transport network company (TNC) Uber Philippines received an order from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to "completely stop operations" for one month.On Tuesday morning, August 15, Uber filed a motion for reconsideration. Uber users briefly rejoiced. ...
Here's hoping that things run smoothly.
The most recent development to all this LTFRB-TNC hullabaloo? Grab Philippines is set to file a motion for reconsideration regarding the board's order to deactivate all unfranchised transport network vehicle drivers starting July 26.In Grab Philippines' latest statement, which was first procured ...
With passengers soaring as soon as 2023.
Uber has declared ambitious plans to develop a network of flying cars by 2020.The ride operator is already testing driverless car technology, but clearly isn't satisfied by trundling along the ground, driver or no driver. The tech to send electric cars airborne ...
His sudden departure leaves a leadership vacuum.
Remember a time when Uber could do no wrong? Us neither. The ride share company, which used to court controversy by disrupting the traditional way of transporting passengers, has started to show signs of major distress.Uber president Jeff Jones today decided to ...
Three years after the rival cab-hailing startups launched in the Philippines, it's time to check how they're doing.
In the battle for customers and affordability among ride-sharing startups in the Philippines, Grab, which hails from Kuala Lumpur, seems to be ahead of San Francisco's Uber. According to recent research by iPrice, a price comparison site, the cost of doing a five-kilometer ...
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