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"This is no bluff"—famously, a thing one says when one is definitely not bluffing.
Vladimir Putin has decided to butch it up quite seriously for the public on Wednesday. His speech reeks of a monumental bluff—which is not to say it shouldn’t be taken seriously. This is an authoritarian kleptocrat on a bad losing streak who still ...
It looked good on paper, anyway.
Bob Farley, national security bench coach at the redoubtable Lawyers, Guns, and Money blog, pointed the shebeen toward this bathysphere of a deep dive at the Washington Post about the run-up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the frantic international efforts to slow the inexorable momentum of ...
You gotta appreciate how Ukrainians are finding humor in this tragedy. 
“Russian warship, go fuck yourself.”Uttered by the brave soldiers of Ukraine’s Snake Island, these words have become the war cry of Ukrainian forces defending their homeland from Russian invaders. The recording of these words quickly went viral, and Ukrainians have embodied the ...
David Gilmour was spurred to write "Hey Hey, Rise Up!" after witnessing footage from the conflict in Ukraine.
After nearly 30 years without new material, Pink Floyd has returned with a new track. The cut, titled "Hey Hey, Rise Up!," was inspired by David Gilmour's visceral reaction to the war in Ukraine and features Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the Ukrainian band ...
A collection of photographs from in and around Kyiv.
[ParallaxCaption:1 of 28: A former paratrooper who volunteers with the Territorial Defense Forces prepares for a late-night patrol.]Four weeks into its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has failed to achieve the sweeping conquest Putin—and much of the world—had expected. Its armies lay mired ...
Sanctions and stock pullouts are hitting the Russian billionaires where it hurts: their net worth.
The ruble is tanking, major Western companies are pulling out of Russia, and the economic sanctions against Putin’s country are only getting worse. These are the economic effects of Russia’s Ukrainian invasion as the West and its allies attempt an economic siege ...
According to blockchain analytics platform Elliptic, over 22,000 sizable donations have been made, with the median donation amounting to $95 while the largest donation reaching $3 million.
The cryptocurrency trading community has made a huge gesture of solidarity for the Ukrainians facing the Russian invasion. In just two days, the government of Ukraine and local NGOs have raised over $20 million (about P1 billion) in crypto donations from anonymous ...
It foreshadows why Russia could lose the war.
The most unexpected exchange between a Ukrainian civilian and a crew of a BMP-1 Russian tank was captured on camera and uploaded online, showing a glimpse of why Russia could lose the war in Ukraine.A civilian in Ukraine was driving on a ...
Could Taiwan be the next Ukraine?
While the world’s attention is fixed squarely on the Russian missiles targeting Ukraine, tension might also be brewing halfway across the world in China and Taiwan. The Washington Post revealed that a Chinese state-owned media group accidentally published censorship guidelines on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. ...
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