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It’s the latest iteration of their growing Project Rock sneaker.
Coming off the resounding success of former pro wrestling icon and Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s last signature shoe for Under Armour, the Baltimore-based sportswear company has just released the latest iteration of their growing Project Rock sneaker. Rejoice, gym rats ...
The Project Rock collection will help you with the heavy lifting.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has pretty much been the personification of how strength and committing to the long process of working hard to get stronger can result in success of Hollywood-level proportions. His Project Rock collection from Under Armour is exactly what ...
The Curry Flow 8 heralds the arrival of the Curry Brand.
No other NBA player has dramatically redefined how basketball is played today as much as Steph Curry has. Who would’ve thunk that the 6’3” point guard out of Davidson would be this deadly and is showing no signs of slowing down playing ...
There's a reason it's popular with athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Under Armou’s Sportsmask was a big hit when it was launched in June, so much so that it was almost always sold out whenever and wherever you tried to get it. The folks at UA were apparently aware of the huge demand and ...
Including more apparel, sneakers, and gym accessories.
Dwayne Johnson is good at, well, probably everything. But the world trusts him the most when it comes to fitness and wellness expertise. He is The Rock, after all. That's why his partnership with Under Armour is such a good one—you know ...
The rapper talks teaming up with Under Armour for the oversized SRlo silhouette.
A$AP Rocky doesn’t skate. He raves. That might sound a little surprising when you consider the fact that the rapper-slash-fashion-killer chose one of the most infamous skate shoes of all time—the super-chunky Osiris D3—as the inspiration for his new collaborative sneaker with ...
Skate brand Osiris don't feel they've been properly credited.
A$AP Rocky and Under Armour’s surprise trainer collaboration has led to accusations from Osiris—a throwback skate brand anyone who ever wrote ‘Korn’ on their pencil case at school will no doubt remember—that he copied their design. The label’s 2001 D3 model became the ...
It's available in limited quantities now.
Dwayne Johnson does not half-ass anything. Workouts. Eating. Smiling. None of it. The people love him for it! And the people—his people—should be excited: The Rock just dropped his latest sneaker with Under Armour this week. The stock is super limited, so ...
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