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Beyond anything she had accomplished, Audrey Hepburn considered her humanitarian efforts as the greatest work of her career.
She was a superstar and fashion icon, but for Audrey Hepburn, these are all immaterial compared to discovering her true calling as a humanitarian worker.Here are some facts about Hepburn’s life as a humanitarian that may surprise you.Born in 1929 in Belgium, ...
Summers in sugar country, unusual discoveries, and bringing back an old favorite.
We caught up with Margarita Forés, famed restaurateur and host of CNN’s Harvest, at this year’s UNICEF Ball. Joining fellow award-winning chefs Bo Songvisava, Lanshu Chen and Vicky Lau, Asia’s Best Female Chef for 2016 helped create the menu for the UNICEF ...
Bo Songvisava, who was Asia's Best Female Chef in 2013, speaks to us about her culinary journey.
There is perhaps no better representative for Thai cuisine right now than Bo Songvisava, who joined us in support of the UNICEF Children's Ball. With her award-winning restaurant Bo.lan, which she runs with her husband Dylan Jones, she has taken the dining landscape in Bangkok beyond side-street spots and ...
We talked to renowned Hong Kong Chef Vicky Lau.
We met with Vicky Lau, founder of the Michelin star awarded Tate Dining Room & Bar and 2015 Best Female Chef in Asia, while she was in Manila to help UNICEF raise funds for four National Centers for Children with Disabilities in ...
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