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For a happier workforce.
The pandemic, whether we want to admit it or not, has forever changed the complexion and trajectory of both our personal and professional lives.Some things are never going to be the same, and a lot of old habits and traditions are going ...
After U.K. nationalities, of course.
It’s often been said that Filipinos are resilient and resourceful. Put them anywhere in the world and they’ll flourish and grow and eventually make something of themselves. This has never been more evident than in a recent study conducted by ETX Capital about ...
The most powerful warship in the British navy has ignored China’s warnings. 
Her Majesty’s Ship (HMS) Queen Elizabeth and her escorts of submarines, destroyers, and attack cruisers have ignored China’s warnings and have finally entered the much disputed South China Sea. The warships comprise the U.K.’s Carrier Strike Group 21, the kingdom's largest and most formidable ...
The leader said he got tested after developing mild symptoms.
Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has tested positive for COVID-19 “Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms of the coronavirus—a temperature and a mild cough. On the advice of the chief medical officer, I have taken ...
Less is known about Prince Albert, but he was actually a dominant figure and influence behind Queen Victoria's successful reign.
It was not until Prince Albert’s death in 1861 that his contributions to the monarch and the country were immensely appreciated, as he had often been deemed as a German interloper by British society during his lifetime. During his life, he was ...
One castle's bloody banquet served as the main inspiration for Game of Thrones' Red Wedding.
From the Tower of London to Edinburgh Castle, here are Great Britain's most famous castles and the stories behind them.Windsor Castle takes the title of the largest occupied castle in the world. As the official residence of the Queen, it boasts over ...
According to all those vigilant reviewers on Trip Advisor
If you're looking for somewhere to go on holiday and you put a lot of stock by the opinion of people who love nothing more than following up a meal, hotel stay or museum visit with a TripAdvisor review then listen up, ...
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