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Police claim there was intent to sell the vaccination slots.
If Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera’s reaction to the surprising turn of events on Wednesday were turned into a meme, it would be this:Dizon-Cabrera, the CEO of local cosmetics brand Colourette Cosmetics, was reacting to reports that the Philippine National Police has filed charges ...
Everything you need to know about how to register for vaccinations in Quezon City. 
Through QCProketodo, Quezon City has started vaccinating medical frontliners, seniors, government officials, and people with comorbidities (classified as “A3”). But it is important to note that walk-ins are strictly not allowed. You have to pre-register first before you can get a slot. First, ...
It could be a sign of people’s warped priorities.
Filipinos seem to be more interested about Ivermectin than finding out how to get vaccinated against COVID-19, if the results of a new study are to be believed. According to a study by meta search platform iPrice, there were 224,110 searches for ‘Ivermectin’ ...
The measles virus can cause immune amnesia.
If you or your child were previously immunized against other diseases but contracted measles recently, you might want to get a vaccine update from your doctor. A new study published in Science and Science Immunology revealed that the measles virus can wipe out your ...
Persida Acosta's antics may have been entertaining at one point, but spreading that foolishness among those who need vaccines is just immoral.
Recently, I laugh-cried at a meme that pointed out that “Persida Acosta” is an anagram of “Paid OA Actress.” It was painfully hilarious because the antics of that woman are just stupid to the point of almost entertaining. But it is these same ...
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