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There are ethical implications of dividing people between those who’ve been vaccinated and those who haven’t.
It's been almost a year since a Luzon-wide lockdown was first announced, and the Philippines finally started vaccinating people against the virus this week. It might seem like a long time, but in the context of producing an antiviral agent, one year ...
Dr. Buensalido is an infectious disease specialist who has a few thoughts on getting vaccinated versus COVID-19.
Doctor Joseph Adrian Buensalido is an infectious disease specialist affiliated with the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital, Asian Hospital, and Makati Medical Center. On Monday, March 1, he was one of the first medical professionals who received the vaccine ...
The Filipino qualifiers are covered.
The pandemic might still be present, but Filipino athletes are training around the clock to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics while battling worries of catching the COVID-19 virus. But now they have one less thing to worry about: getting—and paying for—the vaccine.Businessman ...
But a deal for more may be signed by the end of the year.
The Philippines has so far signed contracts to procure vaccines for the coronavirus enough to cover about 6.62 million of its citizens, or about 6.2 percent of the population. This is according to an extensive study by Bloomberg, which tracked publicly disclosed allocations of ...
A clinical researcher explains why it's currently hard for the country to convince research sponsors to participate in vaccine clinical trials.
It's been more than a week since President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration to prioritize Covid-19 vaccine development, affirming our readiness to participate in clinical trials, and even offering a P10 million reward for its discovery.But just how easy is it to discover and ...
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