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It all happened before many of the current technological advancements came to be.
The current pandemic has tainted the future with uncertainty. However, this isn’t the first time that a large population has been plagued by a contagious disease. From ancient Egyptian times and beyond to the current times, pandemics have been present in history ...
Antibodies were so powerful, defeated all known variants of COVID-19.
Some previously infected individuals are exhibiting “superhuman immunity” to COVID-19 after they were vaccinated. According to a study reported by NPR, some people who catch COVID-19 and are later vaccinated develop a very strong immunity to COVID-19, also known as hybrid immunity. People who develop this type of immunity ...
The policy will make it easier for vaccinated foreign travelers to enter the Philippines.
A “green lane” for fully vaccinated travelers might just be what the country needs to help drum up the tourism industry in the Philippines. This is according to AirAsia officials, who said the company supports the proposal of the Department of Tourism ...
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