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Venerable watchmaker Vacheron Constantin drops... a sports watch?
After 265 years of continuous operation, Vacheron Constantin is known for many things. Its cloisonné and enamel work. Its hand-polishing and its incredibly fancy and complicated dials, some of which are the most accurate ever made. Its watches are beautiful and almost ...
The new one-off isn't for sale, but a collection of vintage timepieces is.
As the oldest watchmaker in existence, Vacheron Constantin has a relationship with its clients that goes long and deep. In America, for example, it has been supplying watches to private individuals since at least the early 1830s. In the first decades of the 20th ...
The Patrimony Moon Phase Retrograde Date is a shining example of top-spec watchmaking.
In an industry as old and hallowed as watchmaking, being the oldest sibling commands a great deal of respect—and Vacheron Constantin is very much an elder respected. Since its 1755 inception, the Swiss marque has seen multiple medals pinned to its lapel ...
They look like one-offs. Some of them are.
The world’s oldest continually active watchmaker (the Vacheron half of the company began trading in 1755), has been long-known for creativity in its high-end watch offerings. The company has created timepieces depicting the Chinese zodiac and the continents of the world, as ...
Beyond its nouveau riche connotations, a yellow gold watch can mark the difference between a stylish conservative and a man with true swag.
We know what you’re thinking: You’ve avoided yellow gold all your life because of the image, hammered into you since childhood, of the returning OFW clad in a denim jacket and his signature “Saudi Gold.” It could be why an entire generation ...
If you’re dreaming of your first collector piece, this is the one to get.
Much like the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time, we will get right to it. The new watch is a practical beater that, apart from the hours, minutes, and seconds of the day, also tracks the hour, via a central red arrow, as ...
As opposed to the usual 24 time zones.
Last year, Vacheron Constantin had added two new models to its highly desirable Traditionnelle World Time watch collection. Available in either 18-karat white or 18-karat pink gold, these timepieces trounce the competition by featuring 37 world time zones, instead of the usual 24. ...
Introducing the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 Limited Edition for Hodinkee.
An immediate product drop following a surprise social media attack has become common practice for an overstimulated fashion industry desperate to stir up excitement (and some much-needed sales). With instant-gratification, snooze-you-lose tactics used by everyone from Supreme to H&M, the surprise announcement ...
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