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Sales are up almost 8,000 percent on a Vans classic, and all signs point to menswear's ongoing yearning for simpler, younger times.
As Squid Game hurtles towards its final and most hellish act, the final 16 players line up in front of a fragile glass bridge. At each step is a twin set of glass panels: one solid, one tempered. They must correctly guess the safe ...
Esquire U.S.'s digital design director and resident sneakerhead, Mike Kim, on the Vault by Vans sneakers that always stay in rotation.
Mike Kim was 12 years old when he wore his first pair of Vans. Well, pairs actually. He had them all—high-tops, low-tops, slip-ons. And the outfits he wore them with were about as early aughts as it gets: a graphic tee and ...
Only good things will come out of the meeting of two beloved brands, right??
The brain is a powerful thing. It convinces you to want things you shouldn’t even consider. Take the soon-to-be-released The Simpsons x Vans collection, which features, among its lineup of shoes and clothing, a pair of slides in the style of Homer’s ...
Load up on your sneaker knowledge.
In 1966, brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren opened the doors of The Van Doren Rubber Company in Anaheim, California, establishing what would be one of the most reputable sneaker companies today. This year, the Vans Footwear company is expected to rake ...
The mayor looks good in, and on, anything.
Vans Philippines commissioned artist Nikko Palaez to custom design five pairs of Vans, and the results are insane. These stylized kicks were designed to celebrate the city of Manila, as well as Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s 45th birthday.Palaez used acrylic paint to custom ...
As the iconic skate brand turns 53, we spoke to Henry Davies about his life's work.
Waffleheads: a group of ardent Vans followers, so named after the signature sole that treads every pair of the brand's sneakers. The fandom continues to grow, but few can rival Henry Davies when it comes to the deep, deep love he holds ...
Michael Concepcion talks about the new collaboration, his first pair of Vans, and what's next for Commonwealth.
Since opening in 2015, Commonwealth has quickly grown to become one of the country's best destinations for sneakers. Now, the men's lifestyle boutique is slightly shifting its focus to include some of the best clothing brands out there today, including Undercover, Our Legacy, ...
The upcoming collection includes sneakers for all four Hogwarts houses.
A couple weeks ago, we got some Very Good Sneaker News: Vans will be launching a Harry Potter-themed collaboration soon. At the time, details were scarce. While we know that the SoCal sneaker brand is a fan of big-name partnerships—Vans x David ...
Accio HP sneakers!
In Very Good Sneaker News, Vans is launching a Harry Potter-themed collaboration. HP sneakers! It's no secret that Vans is a big fan of big-name collaborations, and this new one will sit alongside iconic pairings that came before it, including Vans x ...
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