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The Vatican has refused to comment and imposed something of a media blackout on the matter
The world premiere of a documentary on Pope Francis was supposed to have been a bright spot for a papacy locked down by a pandemic and besieged by a corruption scandal, recalling Francis' glory days traveling the world to bless the oppressed.MORE ...
Like one word in the baptismal formula.
What say we all take a break and see how Holy Mother Church is screwing up these days? Uh-oh. From the Religion News Service.Top Story: These 15 Filipino Celebrities Just Don't Seem to Age"The religion of Jesus is supposed to be forgiving. He attacked ...
Lisa Gokongwei Cheng reviews the fascinating new novel about a modern Vatican conclave.
Conclave by Richard Harris begins with the death of an unnamed pope who reminds the reader of the current Pope Francis in his fervent desire to reform the church and bring it closer to its flock.Like Francis, he has eschewed the palatial ...
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