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There’s a new must-wear monogram in town.
Versace exploded in the Golden Age of the Supers. These living goddesses, known immediately by their first names—Linda, Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Claudia, Helena, Amber, Shalom, Nadia, Stella, Tatjana, and, later on, Kate—featured heavily in the catwalks and glossy print campaigns of luxury ...
Designing a collection with gender-specific codes is becoming antiquated.
For centuries, fashion has been inextricably intertwined with one’s social status as well as gender orientation. People and societies have established these norms as a way to identify genders, but stigmas have been known to arise from the rigidness of these rules. In ...
Zayn X Versus, a capsule collection of men's and women's clothing, will go on sale in stores and online in May next year.
Now here's a fashion partnership we couldn't have predicted. Zayn Malik and Donatella Versace are teaming up to design a clothing line: The New York Times reports the 23-year-old popstar will work with the Italian fashion house to create Zayn X Versus, a capsule collection of ...
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