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The king is dead. Long live the king.
In an interview published in December of last year (under the somewhat salacious headline "Virgil Abloh: Streetwear? It's definitely gonna die"), the artistic director of Louis Vuitton's men's collections prophesied the impending doom of the style (nay, movement) he helped popularize. With all due ...
Get ready to smell amazing.
Everyone smells! But, men have to be more careful. Science has confirmed that though women have an equally strong smell, men have a harder time of masking it. And here's where deodorant comes in. You can spray all the perfume you want, but ...
Looking for sneakers at a discount?
There's nothing like getting a good deal or bargain when shopping. And, outlet stores and designer villages are the best when it comes to both. Thankfully, a number of these shops have sprouted in the country of late. Here are the best ...
These cleansers will work wonders for your skin.
Not a lot of men are into skincare, but even those opposed to a full-blown routine at least use facial washes, cleansers, and the like. Whether you've grown tired of your current cleanser or just curious to see what's new out there, this list ...
Check out these lesser known spots for your dose of delicious Japanese broths.
Now that we’ve identified the essential places for your Japanese ramen fix, it’s high time to zoom in on low-key options across Manila that honor this coveted dish. If there’s anything to note about Esquire’s underrated ramen restaurants, it’s that each one ...
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