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The app is also launching a payments platform soon.
Many of us use messaging apps to communicate with loved ones, friends, work associates, and even strangers. They’ve become so indispensable to everyday life that we hardly give a second thought about the kind of information that we’re sending out. Privacy is ...
The messaging app is cutting business ties with the social media app for data violations and failure to combat hate speech.
Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps, announced on Friday that it is cutting all business ties with Facebook. The Israel-founded, Luxembourg-based messaging app said it will remove Facebook Connect, Facebook SDK, and GIPHY, as well as stop all ad spending ...
You don't have to be afraid of your next phone bill after your trip!
Going abroad, especially for the first time, is equal parts exciting and stressful. Sure, there's the thrill of finally seeing places and trying things you only dreamed of once upon a time, but the preparations needed before you fly out can be ...
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