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The United States named 12 leaders who are winning the fight against corruption.
The United States recognized Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto as one of the world's best leaders who demonstrated effective anticorruption practices. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken launched the International Anticorruption Champions Award to recognize individuals who have demonstrated leadership, courage, and impact in preventing, exposing, ...
Merry Christmas!
In an early Christmas surprise, Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto has just mass promoted 4,339 employees of the Pasig City government. With the promotion comes a decent increase in their paychecks, from P11,551 to P13,572 per month, or a P2,021 increase in their salaries. Multiplied by ...
Vico Sotto has so much repressed passion for this routine.
Ever since Vico Sotto became mayor, his social media posts have become significantly more reserved and less goofy than when he was a councilor. It’s not that he’s become more serious or is putting up a front, but obviously, work has taken ...
Families and children were inside the houses as they were being demolished.
Two families in Pasig became victims of illegal demolition of their homes, according to Mayor Vico Sotto, who was on the scene before any further damage could be made. “Nasa loob sila nung biglang winasak ng crane ang bahay nila (may kasama pa ...
Vico Sotto surprises Pasig residents with an unusual treat that came with their relief packages.
Vico Sotto is an unusual mayor, and unusual things can be expected to come from him. The contents of his relief packages are just some of them. People on social media are having good fun inspecting the contents of Sotto’s COVID-19 care packages, which ...
Impunity won't fly in Pasig, not when Vico's mayor.
Vico Sotto is making it clear that he won’t stand for impunity among Pasig City’s traffic enforcers.The mayor recently took to social media to vent his frustration after several of his city’s traffic enforcers were reportedly caught driving either without licenses or with expired ...
Can you tell what van this is?
If we could have a peso for every time someone told us to invest in setting up a home office over the past two months, then we’d be able to afford a home office.TOP STORY: These Famous Filipinos Have Harvard University CredentialsSeriously, though? ...
The split second shot was enough to fluster even Sotto.
During Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto's online forum with the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) yesterday, something totally unexpected and hilarious happened. During the live Zoom call, the background photo of a naked man—inappropriate for a public video—appeared. See it for yourself ...
All residents will receive aid, regardless if they're not registered voters.
Pasig City is rolling out the largest cash aid relief effort in Metro Manila amid the COVID-19 crisis. In an interview with DZMM, Mayor Vico Sotto announced that the city will augment the cash aid from the national government so that all ...
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