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Today's video games are like watching a movie, but back 40 years ago we were hooked on 8-bit graphics.
Back in the '80s, kids didn’t have handheld video games or apps on their phones to play with. At best, they had a newfangled home device like the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, or the Intellivision tethered to their televisions so they could play ...
A round of Pac-Man, anyone?
If you grew up in the late 70s or early 80s, chances are you may have missed a large part of your childhood. In 1981, the dictator Ferdinand Marcos totally banned video arcade games, citing destructive social effects. To top it off, ...
Nice to see Filipino touches on the popular video game.
Video games have been a saving grace for many people during the quarantine period. While there are those who’ve been playing for years, there’s no denying how many more have picked up new consoles and games since being forced to stay indoors ...
He taught himself how to do everything.
What were you doing when you were 14 years old? This young man is developing a video game. And not just any game: he’s creating one where you’re firing at and destroying the coronavirus.User _n0cturnal released an early prototype of the game on ...
Sony gave a first look at the DualSense wireless controller for PS5, and let's just say it's reminiscent of some other stuff.
Sony dropped a surprise announcement showing off the new gaming controller for the PlayStation 5 on Tuesday afternoon. The thing is called DualSense: God’s Favorite Controller. Okay, they didn't include the "God" part, but we’re open to consulting, Sony marketing team. The DualSense wireless controller is ...
Sony just dumped a bunch of new technical information about the upcoming PlayStation 5 machine.
Now things are starting to get interesting. In December, Microsoft announced a ton of details for its Smart Car-sized console, the Xbox Series X, which is one X away from sounding like an adult video service. The machine is a beast—and it could ...
Take a breather from all the panicked posts on social media.
Being alive is stressful. Sure, real life does have lots of redeeming factors and incomparable experiences, but we can’t blame you if, once in a while, you just want to take a break from reality. For this list, we round up 10 ...
ICRC and Fortnite have a special project for gamers.
Gaming has always been seen as a hobby at best, and a distraction and addiction at worst. But that hasn’t stopped the industry from exploding in popularity, so much so that even legitimate organizations have now begun thinking of ways of using ...
With every new console generation comes a new power struggle.
Every three-to-five years, video game fans are treated to a new generation of consoles. In this way, gaming is different than any other artform—it’s as if there was a new way to experience music or movies every few years. Sure, technology advances ...
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