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Veteran journalist Cheche Lazaro talks about why press freedom is essential for a healthy democracy.
If there's anything the past year should've taught us, it's that we shouldn't take freedom for granted.Press freedom, in particular, has taken a number of hits: the SEC revoked Rappler’s license in January (a decision that was overturned by the Court of Appeals), while ...
Spoiler alert: The star of the show only appears twice.
Tanggal by Isip games is a student project created over a 10-week game development course at University of Skövde in Sweden, and the short horror game has something distinctly Filipino as its antagonist: the manananggal.It’s a quick 15- to 20-minute first-person game ...
We're playing a game with award-winning barista Jonathan Choi of Magnum Opus and Exchange Alley.
Craft coffee is something special. "Craft" is a term we attach to everyday things we consume that somehow get an upgrade either through the the base ingredient, the technique, or the entire journey it went through to become whatever final product you're holding. Craft ...
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