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Watch as the Razorback guitarist answers five questions while taking five shots.
Tirso Ripoll is a musician, artist, guitarist, NU Rock Awards winner, and more. From his time performing covers to creating music that defined hard rock in the Philippines, Ripoll has had one hell of a life. In honor of his 50th birthday, ...
Here are photos from the EDSA People Power Revolution.
On the last week of February in 1986, more than 2,000,000 civilians, as well as political, military, and religious figures flocked to Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. It would come to be known as the People Power Revolution as Filipinos braved tanks and stood vigil in the streets ...
Look no further.
We've said it once, and we'll say it again: there's never a shortage of great fragrances. Seriously, fragrance houses seem to release one every few months or so—and this year is no different. We know, we know... who needs a spritz when ...
Chef Harvey Hsieh shares his recipe for a great-tasting pasta with uni.
Seafood pasta is already a showstopper in itself. But, if you want to make something that's even more impressive, try your hand at something a little more out-of-the-ordinary. Naked Bakery's main breadman and chef Harvey Hsieh's seafood of choice? Uni."It's a dish that will ...
From Davao's pristine beaches to the crystal clear waters of Palawan, here are the best overwater bungalows in the Philippines.
Nothing says beach vacation quite like an overwater bungalow. The magic of sleeping atop the ocean while the sound of waves reaches your bed is just unmatched. Not to mention, the convenience of jumping straight into the water from the balcony. Plus, the front-row view ...
Islas Filipinas marks Little Luneta in Madrid.
WATCH:Somewhere in the world, there is still a Philippines under the sovereignty of Spain—but it’s not what you think. In the heart of Madrid lies Islas Filipinas (Philippine Islands), one of Metro de Madrid’s 302 stations. Under line seven of the metro, ...
According to a new report.
Back in January, we listed down the best cities to live a healthy and happy life in 2021. Countries, however, are another category altogether. Case in point: U.K.-based price comparison website has ranked them all, and the countries that made the list couldn't be more ...
You'll get major points.
She’s probably told you she doesn’t care. That Valentine’s Day is just a made-up holiday by retailers hoping to kickstart sales after the January post-Christmas slump. But trust us, she does care. And she secretly hopes you feel the same way, too. And ...
Camp Half-Blood, here we come.
Listen up, half-bloods. The Percy Jackson live-action Disney+ series is taking shape and the latest update is giving us hope that these beloved adventure books will finally get the screen adaptation they deserve. According to Rick Riordan, childhood author to an entire ...
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