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'If you are a collector, you have a hunger that doesn’t stop even if the world stops.'
Like almost every other business, the watch industry is having a terrible time. Factories have been closed, new launches postponed and shops boarded up. But one area of the business is booming.“Vintage watches,” says Rebecca Ross, Christie’s watch specialist in New York. ...
Record-setting auctions for beaten-up timepieces created a new market for watches with character built-in.
Watch trends are subtle and slow-moving things – a glut of blue dials here, the occasional industry shift from steel to gold, then back to steel. But in the 2010s, a genuine sea change washed through the industry, as watch fans obsessed ...
Looking to grow your own vintage watch collection? Start with these classic picks.
The territory of luxury watches comes off as a bit intimidating for people who aren’t familiar with the art of horology. There are too many technical terms to understand and so many brands to get acquainted with. And, it gets even more ...
Buy what you like. One of the most common misconceptions is that collectors should buy for investment only.
As the worldwide head of watches for Sotheby's, the world’s oldest auction house, Sam Hines has met with countless collectors and has seen the universe of watches.These days, Hines says collectors' attitudes have shifted.“I think collectors want to have a dialogue with ...
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