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Don't worry. It's only temporary.
Taiwan is slowly opening its borders to tourists again, but unfortunately, not for Philippine passport holders. At least not yet. Starting September 12, Taiwan will allow visa-free travel for a number of European countries. However, a number of Southeast Asian nations will ...
It will soon be accessible through kiosks nationwide.
While the Philippines has done well in terms of its cashless payment adoption, the country still has a long way to go before Filipinos have the capacity to transact this way globally. This is the primary reason why GoTyme Bank has partnered ...
There are specific eligibility requirements.
If you’ve ever thought about moving to live and work in Thailand, here’s your chance. Our Southeast Asian neighbor has introduced a new long-term resident (LTR) visa good for 10 years to attract “high-potential foreigners.” Initially launched in 2021, the LTR visa underwent ...
Want a second passport? Here's one option!
ICYDK, "revenge travel" is a thing. Many are planning on taking their first big trip since the beginning of the pandemic, and since borders are slowly opening to international travelers, people have been renewing their passports and applying for visas in preparation.But if ...
Considering a career change?
In this digital era, it should come as no surprise that computer-related professionals are the most needed immigrants at the moment. If you’re a tech professional seeking a visa abroad, then you’re in luck. The U.S. government wants you. According to a report ...
They're imposing a temporary travel ban.
South Korea has suspended all visa-free entry to Jeju Island, barring Filipino tourists and 61 other foreign countries from easily entering the country without an approved visa.The new measure was placed in light of the novel coronavirus outbreak. “This temporary measure is ...
Kill two birds with one stone.
Getting a visa is a hassle, so it’s no surprise why the Schengen Visa is so popular. While the 26 countries in the Schengen Area are each worth the visit, most people are attracted to the Schengen Visa because it allows them ...
You can now visit Morocco without a visa, but there are already quite a few countries Philippine passport holders can visit free of hassle.
The Philippine passport might not be the most powerful passport in the world—that title goes to Japan and Singapore—but it’s not as bad as people might think. In fact, while there are only 64 countries and territories that Filipinos can enter visa-free, ...
The (hefty) price tags included.
For various reasons, investing in a second passport is becoming a popular option among the one-percent—and it goes beyond the visa-free travel. A second passport opens the door to a plethora of options, from where you can work and invest to where ...
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