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With a few major upgrades.
Last June, we announced that the Volkswagen Kombi will be making a comeback in the Philippines. Well, the Volkswagen Kombi Highline, the brand’s top-of-the-line variant, is finally here. Many of us fondly remember the original Kombi, which became a part of our local ...
Volkswagen PH says it’s bringing back the iconic "hippie van."
The Volkswagen Kombi is a true ‘70s icon. Also known as the Microbus, Transporter, or simply the “hippie van,” the iconic vehicle celebrated its 70th birthday last year. The Kombi Multivan was conceived by Dutch businessman Ben Pon, and was officially designated ...
The T-Cross is one of the brand's most anticipated models.
Volkswagen Philippines has been teasing the arrival of the T-Cross—one of the brand’s most anticipated models—since the start of the year. This subcompact SUV model had its world premiere in 2018 and has since sold over 300,000 units globally under different nameplates. ...
Practical and efficient, the VW Lavida's got everything you’re looking for in a car for the daily drive.
Car lovers often dream of going on long drives out of town, with nothing but the open road, some good music on the speakers and maybe a special someone in the passenger seat. But the harsh reality is that for most of us, ...
It hasn't had a dealership there in over 40 years.
There was a Volkswagen dealership in Cagayan De Oro in the early 1980s, but for various reasons, it closed down and there hasn’t been one in Mindanao for nearly 40 years. Until now.On October 18, the German brand opened its first dealership in ...
Is this really the end?
I love the Beetle.Some of the highlights of my youth involved my Dad’s 1600 ‘70 Bug—I learned to drive, went to my first rock concert, and even experienced my first fender-bender in it.It’s also where I learned the importance of maintenance and ...
The Lamando makes a strong case for getting a compact sedan if you’re looking for an everyday ride.
To be completely honest, I had not heard of the Lamando before the test drive unit arrived one Friday evening. I had to do a quick Google search to find out exactly what it was. Volkswagen introduced its compact sedan in 2014 ...
2022 marks the second coming of the Volkswagen Type 2.
The Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus, known better in these parts as the Kombi, is one of history’s most iconic vehicles. It’s the rare sort of car that could, just at sight, conjure vague images of college road trips and youthful abandon; of ...
The 2016 model combines retro charm with sprightly revisions.
While most new cars bank on newness and futurism, the modern Volkswagen Beetle strives to look like the past. Its exterior design elements are heavily based on the original, earning it the approval of old school Bug aficionados and new generation buyers ...
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