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The Swedish car manufacturer launched three plug-in models during an environmental forum.
There’s no stopping the march of more environment-friendly cars. Globally, more and more automobile manufacturers are taking concrete steps to develop hybrids and fully electric vehicles in a bid to address climate issues made worse by emissions from traditional combustion engines. In the ...
The XC40 is Volvo’s first car designed and built around its new Compact Modular Architecture.
For a car company based out of Sweden, it’s telling that Volvo has never won the European Car of the Year trophy. Until last year.Volvo finally broke that streak with the XC40, its compact SUV that completes the car marque’s range of ...
The second-generation Volvo XC60 is here, with more safety, luxury, and tech upgrades than you can imagine.
Launched in 2008—in automotive terms, almost a lifetime ago—the Volvo XC60 remains the Swedish carmaker’s best-selling model. In 2016, it even sold more XC60s globally than in the previous year, demonstrating the continued appeal of this luxury midsize SUV. After the car’s ...
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