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The WandaVision star talks trolling fans (and Esquire) with phony spoilers, the finale of Disney+'s hit Marvel show, and the seven words that captured the world.
The following contains spoilers for the WandaVision finale.Paul Bettany's in front of a live studio audience—lights camera everything, dressed as a purple-green robot in a top hat, wailing "WANDA, DEAR!" and blowing air kisses like it's I Love Lucy. WandaVision's pilot episode, "Filmed Before a Live ...
Wanda's escape into sitcoms mirrors our own viewing habits over the last year.
I am not a massive WandaVision fan. It’s fine! A lot of people like it and that’s nice. I don’t have any great depth of feeling for it though.The first few episodes were interesting and occasionally genuinely creepy, but as it’s worn on it’s ...
The Vision actor weighs in on the show's biggest fan theories.
Here at Esquire, we've been (very) into WandaVision this winter. Frankly, we think the wild meta-superhero-sitcom might be one of Marvel's best efforts. And naturally, we're interested in the volumes of fan theories constantly churning on the Internet about what's going on in the show.So, you can't ...
Accent Gate has bothered fans for years, and the Disney+ series has hinted that it will finally explain everything.
Though she was first introduced in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier post-credit scene, we really meet Wanda Maximoff in Avengers Age of Ultron. Wanda and her brother Pietro are being held in a Hydra facility in the fictional country of Sokovia where Baron Wolfgang ...
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