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The watch is a time capsule of sorts and validates that true luxury endures the test of time.
Ask anybody who’s not even interested in luxury timepieces about a watch ad that says that you never actually own the watch but you merely take care of it for the next generation and they’ll know it’s the Patek Philippe ad. The ...
College thesis-mates Mikael Soriano and Jacob Echague release a classy but affordable watch collection.
Evenings spent with your fairly fresh out of college friends and a couple dozen cans of beer can turn out a lot of the same subjects. There’s always the “crazy crap we did in school,” the “crazy state of geopolitics,” and of ...
Our watch of the week once went to the moon. Now, it's going for gold
Omega is keen to talk about its astronomical achievements, and rightly so. The iconic Speedmaster graced the wrists of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during a certain historic Apollo 11 mission, meaning the manufacturer landed the very first watch on the moon. ...
Georges Kern introduces some bold new moves for the brand.
It was a pretty big deal in the watch world when Georges Kern—who had been carrying the interesting and coveted title of Head of Watchmaking, Marketing, and Digital at the Swiss luxury house Richemont—announced his “resignation with immediate effect” in July 2017. ...
Makina is upping our watch game.
An adman lives and breathes the brand to which he’s dedicated himself. It means understanding the brand’s history. Deciphering its DNA. Knowing how to make it desirable. At least that’s what they tell you in ad school. But it also means channeling ...
Jazz musician Dexter Gordon was also nominated for an Oscar, like your current favorite movie.
Music is all about keeping time, but jazz in particular has a special relationship with it. Just ask a jazz drummer about broken time, for example; or ask John Legend’s character, Keith, in La La Land, about how “jazz is about the ...
Check. Mate. This is how power couples match in style.
How about a watch for Valentine's? And what about the Speedmaster for your sweet lady and you? The Speedmaster is of the most recognized chronographs in the world. When it was introduced in 1957, racing-heads were naturally drawn to its auto-inspired details, ...
The new AP Royal Oak Frosted Gold will make her glow from the wrist to the inside.
Women—they are hard to shop for on any occasion, Christmas included, so its best to stick to what is certain, which is that most of them appreciate jewelry or something shiny, or shimmery, or glittery, or any other permutation of light-catching.The Audemars ...
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