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The high-tech, America's Cup edition of the famed diver is ready for a regatta (and your wrist).
The Omega Seamaster rates, for many watch fans, an equal first to the Speedmaster in the long hagiography of the brand. The Seamaster may not have gone to the moon, but it is James Bond’s watch. Or at least it has been since 1995, when Pierce ...
The PRX-40-205 gives actual meaning to the 'wear everywhere' watch
For some time, Tissot has proffered really great, really well-made Swiss watches, but just for a bit less. There are a lot of them, too: smartwatches, cycling watches, gym watches, pilot watches, and classic everyday watches. All of that makes Le Locle-based manufacture a ...
Branching out in style.
Seiko has produced watches with dials inspired by the green moss of winter, the red leaves of autumn, and the white peaks of Mount Hotaka. It has released a model whose dial color mimics the mangrove swamps on Iriomote, an island in the Okinawa Prefecture, ...
Panera trademarked something new.
The Coca-Cola Company owns 1,901 trademarks. You can probably guess some of them – Sprite, Fanta, Enjoy Yours. There's loads you probably can’t – Joy To The Lemons, Pay Like A Boss, and Gutsmack, for example. (You might wonder how much competition ...
What took them so long?
Tag Heuer has announced a new partnership with Porsche. The links between luxury wristwatches and luxury cars are well-established, so it's somewhat surprising that a deal like this didn't already exist. Well, it does now.Given the aspirational appeal and popularity of both these ...
The stars of LVMH's high-end horology stable aren't exactly taking it easy in lockdown.
Along with everything else, the pandemic has pretty effectively disrupted the way the watch world debuts its latest show-stoppers. Big, glitzy, in-person fairs are, by and large, not happening. But that doesn't mean the machinery stops moving entirely.Case in point: Last week, ...
The new models feature details that pay homage to the fourth-generation Moonwatch from 1969.
The story of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional is such a well-trodden path—from “one small step” to “Houston, we have a problem”—that even casual watch fans have likely heard of “Speedy Tuesday.” Certainly, the Speedmaster is in the top five on the bucket list ...
The new Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black features the artist's signature smiling flower motif.
The sweet spot for us here at Esquire is your everyday watches, ones that may run a broad list of prices from an accessible couple of hundred bucks to a $10K investment but will always do you proud in multiple situations. Sometimes, however, ...
Speculation that the Datejust previously belonged to the president's late son Beau was false.
Yesterday, I wrote a story about a watch. This, in and of itself, isn't exactly unusual. We love watches at Esquire, and we love to write about them. This watch, though, was unusual, in that it belongs to the president of the United States and became a ...
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