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Laurie Juspeczyk returns with a new last name, and a copy of Esquire that we will be talking about.
Laurie Blake likes to tell jokes these days. Thirty years after she—then known as Laurie Juspeczyk—failed to stop Adrian Veidt from killing millions in New York, she sits down in a booth designed to contact her ex-boyfriend Doctor Manhattan on Mars. She ...
'Hero' is a term we use loosely.
Everyone loves a good superhero film. Marvel’s billion-dollar box offices are proof of that. The Avengers, X-Men, Justice League—all these hero ensembles feed our fantasies that the world will be saved, good will triumph, and fairies exist. But that’s just what they ...
It looks like Nite Owl might be suiting up for Damon Lindelof's new HBO series after all.
The first teaser trailer for HBO's Watchmen is finally here, and we've got some questions. With a gang of vigilantes wearing Rorschach masks, the new series seems to be based around the return of superheroes–and the ensuing, potentially-apocalyptic, chaos that happens when gods from the ...
Damon Lindelof's long-awaited new series takes place years after the seminal 1986 graphic novel.
HBO just dropped a teaser for their highly-anticipated Watchmen series, and, shit, does it look stunning. Boasting a cast that includes Jeremy Irons, Tim Blake Nelson, Regina King, and Don Johnson, the series sees a world where superheroes no longer exist. But, as the trailer shows, it ...
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