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It's not a question of when or how much, but where the rain is falling.
In March this year, about half of Metro Manila’s 12 million residents were up in arms when Manila Water announced water service interruptions in its concession area. The Ayala-owned company had generally avoided the ire of consumers for much of the time it ...
Will the waived fees wash away the robust financial growth Manila Water has sustained over the last seven years?
It's been almost a month since many households in Metro Manila's East Zone have had their water supply cut off.Though water service has now returned in most areas—Ayala Corporation Chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala  has said Manila Water’s eight to 12-hour water ...
With cities around Metro Manila experiencing water interruptions, you may want to start storing water for emergency use
Several areas in Metro Manila and nearby vicinities have been experiencing water interruptions that have left families with little or no water to use or drink. According to reports, these interruptions are expected throughout the summer since water in at least one of the ...
We must learn to survive by coming through: by seeing how things begin with ourselves and end with ourselves.
We are in water crisis—scratch that, we are in crisis and we don’t know who to blame.Blame it on El Niño for his dry, childish and self-deprecating humor, because apparently he strikes whenever someone needs to be blamed. Blame it on Manila ...
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