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The health and wellness company had been under financial pressure over the last few years.
This story was updated on June 25, 2020 to add a statement from the Philippines franchisee of GNC.The parent company of health and nutrition retail brand GNC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, blaming the coronavirus pandemic for its woes. Also read: What ...
According to a happiness expert, no less
COVID-19 is still here and you might be going crazy staying at home unless you're running an errand.Well not on Esquire. Instead, we thought we'd ask a happiness expert for some easy ways to feel great that don't involve buying a fifty grand ...
These holistic hubs will bring you a step closer to better health, and ultimately, a longer life.
Most of us are mandated to complete the annual physical examination or even the yearly executive checkup, but a growing number of experts and patients believe there are health issues that can't be solved by traditional medicine. This is why it is ...
Even experts agree it's a powerful cardio workout.
Without a doubt, hiking is having its moment. While it has always been a known sport, the activity has been attracting the attention of new fans lately, the way yoga has been doing for years. Before you embark on a journey to ...
This will have you thinking twice about eating another slice of mango.
Human beings have a love-hate relationship with sugar. We both crave it and avoid it. While we know it’s in the food we eat, we are not aware of just how much sugar our favorite snacks contain. Here is a short list ...
Holiday weight gain is real.
There’s plenty to look forward to during the holidays. Trimming the tree, shopping for presents, celebrating with dear family and friends, and of course, the many feasts. All the decadent dishes and treats can, however, put a damper on your diet or ...
It’s been around for decades, so what magic does the classic reformer hold?
To those on the verge of giving up on working out, the return of classical Pilates is here to change your mind. Ask any beginner riding the Pilates wave and they’ll confirm it’s no sweat.Ole Eugenio, who pioneered the Pilates movement in ...
Stores that make organic living easy and convenient.
When one thinks of farming, the idyllic image of rice fields with lush mountains in the distance often comes to mind. It brings to the imagination the quaintness of provincial life, what one might see in a Disney film. But reality is ...
If you’re one of the unlucky ones that turn red as a tomato after drinking then you might want to lay off the alcohol.
The curse of the Asian flush is this: A lobster-red face and a warm uncomfortable feeling all over.These symptoms often occur almost immediately after sipping alcohol, and with continued drinking progresses to heightened heart rates, headaches, and nausea.According to a study published ...
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