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Rulings and resolutions play a major role in international relations. 
One of the major rhetorics against the 2016 arbitral ruling victory of the Philippines against China concerning issues about the West Philippine Sea is that the ruling is impossible to enforce. But looking at the history of the U.N.-backed resolutions and rulings, we ...
The firebrand chief diplomat has no kind words for China.
Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin, Jr. did not mince words on China’s activities in the West Philippine Sea, telling the Chinese to “get the f*ck out.” China, my friend, how politely can I put it? Let me see… O…GET THE FUCK OUT. What ...
The Philippines finds a powerful ally in the E.U.
The European Union (E.U.) is the latest body to voice its support for the Philippines and condemn China on the issue surrounding the West Philippine Sea.China’s international reputation took a beating this week after the E.U. unleashed a sternly worded statement on ...
The Philippines is ready to assert itself once again.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines is concentrating its naval and air assets to the West Philippine Sea. According to the National Task Force on the West Philippine Sea, the coast guard and the military has deployed sea assets to Palawan’s waters, ...
Raw beauty caught in a high-stakes dispute.
Tensions between the Philippines and China over the West Philippine Sea have flared up in recent weeks and neither one is backing down. Beyond the exchange of diplomatic notes and naval saber-rattling, small civilian communities try to live normal lives while staking ...
China's pulled out most of its ships at Julian Felipe Reef.
In a surprising move, the Philippines sent its strongest response yet against China’s expansion into the West Philippine Sea. Not since 2012 has the Philippines moved its naval forces to the West Philippine Sea to challenge China’s militarization of the area. The ...
Filipinos protected the giant clams for many years.
Chinese fishermen harvested giant clams off the Philippines' Pag-asa (Thitu) Island while Chinese ships sailed close to Burgos (Gaven) Reef, based on photos released by Filipino security forces.The Philippines is demanding that China pull out its fishing and militia ships out of ...
The U.S. decided to flex its own muscle to remind China to behave.
Days after Chinese warships chased an unarmed Flipino boat ferrying journalists at the West Philippine Sea, the U.S. decided to post a photo of its own destroyer following a Chinese carrier.On April 11, U.S. Navy commanders posted a photo of the Liaoning, a Chinese ...
It's the latest in a long history of encounters.
The Philippines and China are locked in a fresh standoff over a reef in disputed waters, after Chinese ships refused to leave despite being told by the Filipino defense chief to do so.The Chinese Embassy in Manila said Niu’e Jiao, called Julian ...
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