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French film icon Vincent Cassel plays a tech tycoon who is harvesting all your data.
A national film icon in France, you will most likely remember Vincent Cassel from his forays into big Hollywood feature films. The ex-husband of Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci, Cassel joined Brad Pitt and George Clooney on the all-star cast of ...
The hero of HBO’s flagship sci-fi thriller is back as a dangerous femme fatale.
“This is the season of the cocktail dress. The little black dress. La femme Nikita,” says Evan Rachel Wood, who has been portraying Westworld’s main protagonist since the show premiered in 2016. “I do miss the blue prairie dress, just because that’s ...
The bots are back.
HBO dropped its first footage from Westworld's third season ahead of the series finale of Game of Thrones in May. That trailer focused on new character played by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, and offered just the briefest glimpse of a single familiar face—that of Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores.But ...
"I’ve never had a welcome like this before," the actor says of his reception in the Philippines.
“I’ve never had a welcome like this before,” Hollywood actor James Marsden addresses the crowd gathered at Manila House, almost every guest nursing a glass of scotch-infused cocktail. “This is amazing!” he adds.It’s the actor’s first time in the country and while ...
We’re questioning the nature of this long wait for Season 2.
The trailer for Westworld’s second season premiered at Comic-Con over the past weekend, and it looks like things will pick up right where they left off (and not, as many of us had hoped, in Samuraiworld).To the tune of Sammy Davis Jr.’s ...
Dragons vs. robots at the Golden Globes.
Really, there's no reason to compare Game of Thrones to Westworld. They're completely different shows! Though, since they're both big-budget HBO series, inevitably people are going to pit the two against each other. This includes Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, ...
In Westworld, you can live your Wild West fantasies with little to no consequence, and for a cable subscription, you get to sit back and relax as humans and robots search for hope and purpose.
From the start, Westworld has been marketed by HBO as "the next Game of Thrones,” another Sunday night prestige drama of epic proportions with an omnibus cast. These shows, along with The Walking Dead, take place in fantasy worlds or dystopian (or ...
Our most complete look at what the hell is going on.
Before we get into this, I need to issue a correction to the Teddy Death Count™. When we saw poor, beautiful Teddy get piled on by those creepy fuckers in the woods while hunting Wyatt last week, it turns out he wasn't ...
Episode Three shows real, physical consequences.
During one of his lengthy ruminations on the mortality of machines, Anthony Hopkins's Dr. Robert Ford quotes a passage from the second act of Julius Caesar to a deactivated Teddy Flood (James Marsden). "Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant ...
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