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Francis Kurkdjian's latest scent story is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Or any day, really.
“It’s all about the story,” says Francis Kurkdjian, founder of the eponymous luxury perfume maison in Paris, when asked about the inspiration for his fragrances“What is my story? What do I want to tell? What is the aim of the story and what ...
You'll get major points.
She’s probably told you she doesn’t care. That Valentine’s Day is just a made-up holiday by retailers hoping to kickstart sales after the January post-Christmas slump. But trust us, she does care. And she secretly hopes you feel the same way, too. And ...
So she says she doesn’t believe in this manufactured, commercialized, overly saccharine, made-up holiday. Here’s a tip: Get her a gift anyway. Any of these should do the trick 
Congratulations on snagging the ultimate cool girl: one who doesn’t care for chocolate hearts and flower bouquets, who rolls her eyes at romantic comedies, who would gladly trade in heels for sneaks, who doesn’t believe in making V-Day plans—but trust us when ...
For those who like to cram Christmas shopping for their wives, mothers, or girlfriends.
With a couple of days left until Christmas, it’s crunch time for those who tend to cram shopping for presents. There might not be enough time to have everything wrapped, either. If you’re still on the hunt for gifts that the women ...
Just try to count all the diamonds in this exceptional timepiece.
As far as Christmas gifts go, jewelry is a sound choice. But handing over a velvet box for the nth consecutive year is just plain predictable. If you want to bring back that much-needed element of surprise, take a look at Jaeger-LeCoultre's ...
Hot new makeup items to get for your significant other.
Switch up your typical date nights for something that will make every woman perpetually excited: makeup. While flowers and fancy meals are pleasurable, makeup has zero calories and lasts longer. So, why don’t you start the hunt with a global cosmetics brand ...
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