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One million views in a week.
Beauty queen and businesswoman Raine Baljak got one million views on TikTok for a video wherein she tried to cross the Kalayaan Bridge to get to Mandaluyong from BGC and found it to be lacking in infrastructure for pedestrians.It's a chronic problem ...
“No customer is going to spend money for the computer in the car to enjoy the drive,” the CEO said.
“No customer is going to spend money for the computer in the car to enjoy the drive,” Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna said.Ferrari presented its plans for the future at an event in Italy on Thursday, laying out its path into an all-EV future. Announcements ...
Think a setup like this would work in PH?
You know how they say car ownership isn’t a right, and that it’s a privilege? Nowhere in the world is this sentiment truer than in Singapore, where certificates of entitlement (COE) for automobiles make vehicle ownership much more expensive than in other countries.How much more ...
She shares her predictions for the 2022 Formula 1 season
Up-and-coming Filipina racing driver Bianca Bustamante is starting to make a name for herself on the global stage. We got to chat with the 17-year-old before her W Series debut.Bianca Bustamante: My dad, he was actually the reason I got into it. He was ...
The agency is now only waiting for the Metro Manila Council’s approval.
A couple of weeks back, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) presented two new number-coding schemes that could potentially help reduce traffic in the capital. Now, it appears the agency will be actually pushing through with one of those schemes.In a recent press briefing with President Rodrigo ...
No surprise here. 
There’s one thing we’ve taken for granted over the last two years: the lack of traffic. Now that more and more workers are returning to the office, pre-pandemic traffic jams are back in full force, making many of us wish we could ...
You can breathe a sigh of relief.
Motorists can expect some relief Tuesday as oil companies prepare to slash off their fuel rates for the first time this year following weeks of soaring pump prices.Seaoil and Caltex have both announced the following price rollbacks for Tuesday, March 22:The Department ...
Heads up, motorists.
The number coding scheme in Metro Manilla will be reimposed starting Wednesday, Dec. 1, the MMDA said in a bid to ease traffic congestion, especially during the holiday rush.The restrictions will cover private vehicles only and will be implemented from 5 p.m. to ...
According to study.
A new study by price comparison site Uswitch has revealed the highest-earning car influencers on TikTok.Using data from the Influencer Marketing Hub, Uswitch compiled several influencers' TikTok followers, estimated earnings per post, and more to look at male and female car influencers, car influencers with the ...
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