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Imagine roads with “Safe Pathways Networks.”
Remember the Walkable and Bikeable Communities Act? Also known as Senate Bill no. 1290, the new piece of legislation is meant to make the local setting safer for pedestrians and individuals who turn to alternative mobility for transport. Well, it’s now one step closer to becoming ...
He is spending P1.5 billion to roll out modern jeepneys by 2027.
Manuel “Manny” V. Pangilinan is pouring over P1.5 billion in Byahe (registered as On-Us Solutions, Inc.), his jeepney operator. The investment is made through MPT Mobility Corp., the mobility services unit under Pangilinan's Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation. Byahe is founded by founded by former ...
As well as free parking and toll discounts.
One way to help offset the rising cost of fuel in the country is by carpooling. Instead of several motorists each taking their own vehicle out, everyone just bunches up inside one car. Less fuel consumed and less space taken up on the ...
Should Philippine units undergo this, too?
Giant spiders, aggressive kangaroos, flame tornados, vegemite? These are just some of the many “dangers” the Land Down Under is supposedly known for. Australia has to deal with plenty of less meme-worthy hazards, too, though.One common example of this is flood. In fact, ...
Anyone else tired of being resilient?
It’s past 12 a.m. on a Sunday, and I’m driving home after a long overdue cup of coffee with some friends I last saw pre-pandemic. Another dull stint behind the wheel—at least until something catches my passengers’ attention as I reach the ...
Cheaper than a car.
Has the rise of fuel prices inspired even more people to take up bicycle commuting?On all Fridays of June, a network of volunteers took to the streets of Iloilo as part of a nationwide initiative called the June Bicycle Count, which is ...
One million views in a week.
Beauty queen and businesswoman Raine Baljak got one million views on TikTok for a video wherein she tried to cross the Kalayaan Bridge to get to Mandaluyong from BGC and found it to be lacking in infrastructure for pedestrians.It's a chronic problem ...
“No customer is going to spend money for the computer in the car to enjoy the drive,” the CEO said.
“No customer is going to spend money for the computer in the car to enjoy the drive,” Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna said.Ferrari presented its plans for the future at an event in Italy on Thursday, laying out its path into an all-EV future. Announcements ...
Think a setup like this would work in PH?
You know how they say car ownership isn’t a right, and that it’s a privilege? Nowhere in the world is this sentiment truer than in Singapore, where certificates of entitlement (COE) for automobiles make vehicle ownership much more expensive than in other countries.How much more ...
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