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Featuring flavors of scorched pineapple, cinnamon shards, and vanilla sponge cake
Orkney based distillery, Highland Park launches a new permanent 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Highland Park Viking Heart will be available in the Philippines by mid-November 2021. Presented in a heavily embossed ceramic bottle, created in partnership with renowned specialists U.K.-based ...
There is no wrong way to drink whisky.
“Scotch whisky is the real holy water,” Pope Francis said. We couldn’t agree more. Whenever you think whisky, you think of it in simple, traditional terms: neat, on the rocks, sometimes mixed with soda, sometimes as part of a fancier but well-known cocktail. ...
Filipinos are also celebrating St. Patrick's Day.
Last year, the nationwide celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day in the Philippines got canceled because of the Pandemic. Bars were forced to close, liquor bans were implemented, and cities were put in lockdowns. This year, a semblance of normalcy is being brought about ...
We thought we’d be just sampling whisky. 
“Will this be just a tasting session?” we asked the organizers, and they answered positively. So, we prepared ourselves for a quick and straightforward session, expecting to sample a variety of Irish libations that came in cute little bottles along with a ...
It's the only Philippine establishment to land on the list.
The Bar at The Peninsula Manila has landed on the Forbes Travel Guide’s 2019 list of the World’s Best Hotel Bars, the only Philippine establishment to do so. The unranked list includes 44 of the world’s most prestigious and luxurious hotel bars, and ...
Get out of your comfort zone and try a glass or two of these authentic Scotch whiskies.
The Philippines isn’t exactly whisky country. We like our beer and we like our gin, and between the two, there’s hardly any room left for anything else. But growth on the whisky front isn’t only possible, it’s inevitable. Online Statistics portal Statista estimates ...
You can't beat a spicy American rye.
Once upon a time, rye whiskey was extremely popular in America, particularly before the buzzkill that was Prohibition. But in the years that followed the dry spell, rye got a reputation as an inferior spirit, if it was even considered at all. ...
The 199-year-old brand chose Manila to launch the new design collection in the region.
The average Filipino is expected to consume about 0.5 liters of whisky by the end of 2019, according to online data portal Statista. Many a reader might arrive at the end of that sentence well aware he’s not average, preferring to think ...
Whiskey or whisky? Neat or on the rocks? Time to educate your alcohol-loving self.
Whisky has come a long way from being a “daddy’s drink.” From the wine cabinet in your parent’s room, whisky has migrated to basically every local bar that’s worth your time. Newer generations have warmed to it to the point that it ...
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