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Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque was a lawyer, a law professor, and a member of Congress before he took a position at Malacañang. Here is what he's learned throughout his career, much of which is spent blinking in the spotlight.
People think you just show up at the rostrum and speak, people don’t know the amount of preparation needed. As soon as I show up at the office, I read all the newspapers that we have. I get two briefings, one is ...
The former congressman, activist, and human rights lawyer on his memories of torture under Martial Law.
NERI COLMENARESFormer congressman, human rights lawyerIf you're in a position of power or wealth, never abuse and never be arrogant.The second lesson my father told me: "Kung tama ka naman, tindigan mo. Pero kung mali ka, dapat aminin mo." That’s why I could ...
The Vigan city councilor on destiny, business, and surviving assassination attempts.
You should know how to take advantage and know when to stop. Some gamblers, when they’re winning, they lessen their bet, and when they’re losing they bet more. Most gamblers, although they say that they are very disciplined, they don’t know how ...
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