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Choose to attend virtually or in person.
Travel is slowly opening up but it might still be a while before you hop on to the next plane to Europe. If you can’t go on a cheese and wine tour in the French countryside just yet, here’s the next best ...
Chandon is suited for the celebratory temperament of Filipinos. 
Don’t tell those scary Gen Z TikTokers but Chandon is the sparkling wine for the people they call Boomers, the Millennials. *Face With Tears Emoji* Oops. *Skull Emoji* If the name rings a bell, it’s because Chandon is part of luxury champagne house Moët ...
We all need something to calm us down.
We don't have to say it aloud, but it might be therapeutic to say that times are f*cked at the moment. No matter how optimistic a person is, the COVID-19 situation is stressful. There are the usual questions: Could I have it? ...
These wines won't embarrass you at your upcoming get-togethers.
We're sensing that you're about to attend a lot of parties in the upcoming months. We're going to skip the niceties and tell you to forget the casserole and just bring a bottle of wine. Wine is painless, effortless, and a bottle of three ...
Where to go on your next evening out
While we love our tapas bars and their selections of wine, we also enjoy wine bars and lounges that put emphasis on places that put wine front and center. This unranked shortlist is of lounges across the city that offer the best wine experience, ...
Experience wine harvested from the best set of cool-climate vineyards in Argentina.
The purpose of wine and food pairings is “to drink wine as wine was meant to be,” we are told at an LVMH-hosted dinner at Yu Lei in Okada Manila. This philosophy comes from wine history dating back to the 17th century, ...
Keep these in mind the next time you enjoy a glass.
For the uninitiated, drinking wine can be intimidating, but really, it's an experience that should be enjoyed. Here are 10 etiquette tips when at a tasting or sharing a bottle of good wine.Put down the perfume, lotion, hair spray, or anything that's ...
M Dining + Bar M’s sommelier Gigi Varua shares her list of the best wines available in the Philippines today.
Choosing the “best wine” can vary from person to person considering the differences in taste and preference.Gigi Varua, the sommelier at M Dining + Bar M in Makati, attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York. She ...
Wine Club’s Mike Reyes brings in California wines that are lovable, approachable, and great with a steak dinner.
California wines get a bad rap for being “easy to drink.” Blame it on the torturously lovely weather, we suppose. That temperate sunshine paired with the delicately blowing Pacific breeze makes for happy, plump fruit, and its wines, as a result, end ...
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