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The man best known as Geralt of Rivia's sidekick shares some stories from making Season 2, and talks his own personal style.
Joey Batey is savoring this little break. The 32-year-old actor from The Witcher has had a busy few months. Not only did he spend a good bit of time in fantasy land alongside a monster-fighting Henry Cavill, but—much like his character, the earworm-manufacturing Jaskier—he ...
Prepare yourself for a scholarly and (somewhat) family-friendly Geralt of Rivia.
Now, we understand that The Witcher star Henry Cavill isn't a Method Actor on the level of Jared Leto and Jeremy Strong. But the man has opinions! And in a recent interview with GamesRadar, Cavill said that his leading character, Geralt of Rivia, needs to, you know, swear ...
Meet Vesemir, the mentor of Geralt of Rivia.
Netflix is soon becoming the home for R-rated anime films with The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf as its latest addition. The streaming platform is banking on its Witcher Universe to draw in more fans and build one of the biggest franchises ...
A new season, a new movie, a new game, and more.
2021 is going to be the year The Witcher universe comes back with a bang.Plenty was revealed during the first-ever WitcherCon, an online convention for fans of all things Witcher, from behind-the-scenes sound bites to an entire new game to be launched. ...
Netflix is expanding 'The Witcher' franchise.
Looks like we no longer have to wait until 2021 for some Witcher content because Netflix has announced that it’s developing a film based on the hit Netflix show. Anime lovers rejoice because the film adaptation will be an anime film.With The ...
Netflix dropped the teaser for its new fantasy series at San Diego Comic-Con.
At San Diego Comic-Con, Netflix dropped the official teaser trailer for its upcoming series The Witcher.Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, who plays witcher Geralt of Rivia, explained the premise of the show's world in a comic-con panel discussion. "A witcher is a young boy ...
Everything you need to know about the new fantasy series starring Henry Cavill.
For anyone not familiar with the video games or the indie book series, photos of Henry Cavill with a luxurious long, white wig from the upcoming Witcher series might look pretty bizarre. But the series, which debuts later this year on Netflix, comes from ...
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