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Now in New York, the young Filipino model commits to conquering the global style scene.
Hannah Locsin, the Filipina model with a towering five-foot-10-inch frame, a tiny 24-inch waist, and an elfin face, stepped into the spotlight when she appeared on the Gucci runway in 2019. That was a pretty big deal, not only for the model, ...
Turn back time with Bea, Catriona, and Katrina.
What’s that? The world is burning? Ah, yes. Just another day in our new nightmare reality. Because we all need a break from the flood of posts, statistics, and sound-bites saying how humanity is waist-deep in muck right now, we’ve decided to ...
On the occasion of Woman We Love and actress Heart Evangelista's birthday, we revisit her head-turning portfolio in the pages of Esquire.
It was a strange moment in Heart Evangelista’s life when Esquire Philippines profiled the then 28-year-old for the cover of our May 2013 edition.To recap: Her parents had just very publicly decried her relationship with Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero through a press ...
Angel Aquino shares her unguarded thoughts on sexuality, politics, and social media.
The social media plan of Angel Aquino, actress, Woman We Love, and all-around cool person, is part of her mystery.She has both Facebook and Instagram accounts, but she's barely on these platforms. What she does is this: She'll 'gram a photo and ...
Women of a certain age can still make hearts race.
Free tip of the day: 50-year-old bodies are great.Also: Please ignore Yann Moix, the French author and TV presenter, who made the people of the Internet very, very angry, because he declared his total disinterest in older women (50 years old and up), ...
Actress Angel Aquino set fire to the internet this year with a clip from her latest movie, 'Glorious'. She isn't online enough to enjoy it, but that's fine.
Angel Aquino doesn’t have a Facebook account, and she’s not a regular poster on Instagram. A few weeks ago, she made up for that sorry social presence with a movie trailer—not even the full movie, mind you—that broke the internet so much ...
The Litas, an international collective for women on two wheels, aims to ride over every stereotype there is.
There isn't anything so manly as big bike. Everything from the leathers and studs to the full-throated thrumming of the engine between one's legs—even the term crotch rocket—evokes sex and sexuality. And, yes, sometimes a bit of sexism.When it comes to motorcycle culture, the ...
"I love my country and I’m proud of where I came from."
It’s a story that’s been told countless times—notably by Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker in The Social Network—about an empire born at the climax of America’s sexual revolution. Sometime in the late 1960s, a man named Roy Raymond decided to try purchasing lingerie for ...
She’s clearly a winner.
.We’re a country that takes beauty pageants seriously—which is to say that we tend to worship our beauty queens, and that we also tend to expect a lot from them. But Catriona Elisa Gray—Miss Universe Philippines 2018—ran into no trouble with such ...
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