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The UP and Harvard graduate fought for women empowerment for nearly a century.
It may seem like something we’ve taken for granted, but there’s no disputing the fact that the world has changed immensely in the last century. Technological advancements have revolutionized our way of life, and the cotton shirts of today are a far ...
The businesswomen that run the show.
Only a few decades ago, every Forbes list was a men’s club with only a handful of women breaking into the top 100. But now, more and more businesswomen and business founders find themselves among the wealthiest people in the world. In ...
Happy Wednesday.
The rainy season might be here in the Philippines, but Kelsey Merritt is causing a heatwave all on her own. The model posed in an assortment of swimwear in just-released photos for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition.Merritt, who made her Sports Illustrated debut in 2019, ...
"It celebrates women who love their bodies unconditionally giving themselves the grace they deserve."
In case you missed it, singer and actress Selena Gomez christened her swimsuit designing career by launching a collaboration with La’Mariette. In an Instagram post, the 28-year-old singer-actress said on her social media page she was “so grateful that I get the opportunity to ...
Winnie Talosig-Rebancos is Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines' technology chief. 
Winnie Talosig-Rebancos was almost home from her 18th birthday celebration at Jollibee when she heard a commotion.“Magbayad na kayo ng upa niyo!”Their landlord was shouting through a megaphone looking for her parents. All their neighbors could hear that they had not paid ...
Get to know three brilliant Filipinas whose dreams were literally out of this world.
International Women’s Month isn’t over yet. Dedicated as we are to celebrating the brilliance and beauty of every Filipina, this time, we’re shining the spotlight on three remarkable Pinays who’ve gone above and beyond. With their contributions as employees of the National ...
Filipinos can apply for the Google funding.
On March 9, 2021, launched the Impact Challenge for Women and Girls, which will provide $25 million (P1.2 billion) to nonprofits and social enterprises creating pathways to prosperity for women and girls. The grant seeks to empower women and girls to succeed ...
‘Your man needs an attractive wife,’ said the pastor.
Reverend Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark of Malden, Missouri was delivering an impassioned sermon on February 28, 2021, when he said something his churchgoers thought they misheard: “I’m not saying every woman can be the epic trophy wife of all time,” begins Clark. But then ...
These films show how women fought tooth and nail for some respect.
In many parts of the world, the history of women has often been dismissed, many being relegated to the “official” history written by men. Oftentimes women were intentionally obscured in the writing of history. These 15 films are about how women fought ...
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