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Pia in her own words.
“I don't want Miss Universe to be the only highlight of my life."In the latest episode of the Lonely Hearts podcast by Esquire Philippines, Miss Universe 2015 touched on life almost six years after her beauty pageant win.“Of course, after one dream ...
That's true.
They don’t officially have a job designation and are not entitled to any day-off, leaves or corporate benefits, but stay-at-home moms are worth $160,000 (more than Php 8 million) a year, or Php 621,483 a month* according to job site, which, according to their website “helps ...
A drop of La Prairie's Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir at night hints at supple skin the next morning.
Platinum.A most precious metal.It comes from a faraway corner of the universe and was brought to earth by a meteor shower 3.5 billion years ago.Intrigued by this rare, noble metal, scientists at La Prairie have been working with the dense, malleable element ...
Did you know that Miss Universe Philippines 2020 is a licensed physical therapist?
The first ever Miss Universe Philippines pageant just crowned its queen. 23-year-old Iloilo native Rabiya Mateo will be representing the country in the international competition whose schedule has yet to be announced. The morena’s confident and candid presence onstage, endearing personality, and ...
Filipino women empowering Filipino women.
Who hasn't noticed the slew of black-and-white photos that have been populating our Instagram and Facebook feeds these past few days?Captioned “Challenge accepted,” women all over the world have been posting flattering, filtered portraits of themselves on social media, and we must ...
Nothing's more beautiful.
It's a tricky time to be pregnant, what with the COVID-19 pandemic. Expecting women have fewer or no in-person prenatal visits and hospitals implement strict protocols for admission, and only if you're about to give birth.But a child is a blessing as is being pregnant, even if it's ...
Congratulations, new lawyers!
After months of anticipation, the 2019 bar examination results are out. Out of 7,685 examinees, a total of 2,103 passed to become the country’s latest batch to conquer the bar exam. The 2019 results have a passing rate of 27.36 percent. This ...
Jolo Revilla, Angelica Alita host welcome dinner for wedding guests.
Showbiz personalities come and go.Some are fortunate enough to steal the spotlight and stay in the industry, while others only bask in the limelight for a time before slowly fading away.Then there are the stars who dominate the scene enough to leave ...
Miss South Africa carried jewels worth $5 million or P254 million on her head.
Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi, has officially been declared as Miss Universe 2019. She bested 90 contestants for the coveted title, including our own Miss Philippines, Gazini Ganados, who made it as far as the Top 20.Aside from the responsibility of representing not ...
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