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The top three teams of the local hackathon won P30,000 in cash prizes, while a Certificate of Accomplishment was handed out to all teams that completed the challenge.
This past weekend, social entrepreneur Analisa Balares’s global leadership community platform Womensphere partnered with Sustainable Green Synergy and NASA to present the 2018 NASA Space Apps Challenge in the Philippines.The widely successful event concluded with a first place win by the PCI Seaversity VR Team, while The ...
NASA Space Apps Challenge Philippines allows participants in Bonifacio Global City to "share ideas and engage with open data to address real-world problems, on Earth and in space."
From October 19 to 21, social entrepreneur Analisa Balares’s global leadership community platform Womensphere will be partnering with Sustainable Green Synergy and NASA to present the 2018 NASA Space Apps Challenge in the Philippines.The global hackathon will have participants work together to “address ...
Wonder Woman Analisa Balares hopes to use her skills to help solve some of our country's problems.
The World Economic Forum projects it will take the world 217 years to reach gender parity at the rate it’s going now.Analisa Leonor Balares, recognized by the same organization as a “Young Global Leader,” knows this well. She's spent the last ten ...
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