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Here's when you can watch it on the streamer.
The strangest of times stretch on, keeping us indoors, glued to our laptops, smart TVs, and leafy plants. To wake you from the doldrums of mole living, here’s a bit of cheer: You can finally stream Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Go starting April ...
The movie-watching experience has changed dramatically. Can Wonder Woman 1984 adapt to the times? 
I saw Wonder Woman 1984 in a screening theater in an office building right next to a mall I enjoyed going to; it had a foot massage parlor, my favorite izakaya, and a Nespresso kiosk on the ground floor. That was before the pandemic, ...
It’s accurate down to the pores. 
We haven’t seen anything like this, not even at Madame Tussaud’s. JND Studios, a collectibles store, has made a hyperrealist Wonder Woman action figure. The details on the miniature sculpture are so carefully placed, you can even see how they put texture ...
Wonder Woman herself would know.
We're still basking in the glow of Wonder Woman's success. Justice League might suck, and Jessica Jones might be the only interesting female to come out of the Marvel universe, but Wonder Woman made it clear that Hollywood owes us many more female-lead superhero movies directed by ...
Warner Bros. thinks so.
There have been 537 films nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture and 89 winners. None of these have ever been a movie based on a comic book. Of these, only a small percentage of nominees have even been science fiction ...
Diana Prince herself has her say.
Gal Gadot has responded to the controversy surrounding her pay, after her salary for starring in Wonder Woman was compared to Henry Cavill's for Man of Steel.Many people on social media condemned the apparent gap in pay when unconfirmed figures suggested that ...
The Clueless actress doesn't get the hype.
Alicia Silverstone has revealed she's mystified by the huge acclaim Wonder Woman has achieved as a female-driven (and directed) movie.Speaking to Variety at Cannes, the Clueless actress said she thinks there have already been "tonnes" of "female, interesting projects" which have been ...
"They thought I'd gone Hollywood."
During most of the filming of Wonder Woman, star Gal Gadot was pregnant with her second child. The team there accommodated for it, creating a super green screen suit for her baby bump when it was visible during reshoots.But on set, Gadot ...
And it's something Hollywood desperately needed
The opening scene in Wonder Woman is a stunning statement: On the enchanted island, the Amazonian women prepare for the day the god of war Ares finds them and tries to wipe them out. To prepare for the god of war is ...
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