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The next phase in the evolution of how people work is a shorter workweek.
Are you ready for the four-day workweek? After breaking the rules of where you toil away, the evolution of work sets its sights on how long you work or, more specifically, the total days in a week you work. The standard of ...
The things we hold dearest in the Truly Rich World are now taking a backseat to softer values such as mindfulness, flexibility, passion, inner peace, and rest.
According to a survey done by the household help of my Truly Rich Neighbor, workers want more of this thing called balance: “Ma’am, we want to go on vacation because we are tired. Thank you, Ma’am. Come again.” According to my Truly Rich ...
It is an outrageous misconception that the Truly Rich Lady does not need to work or does not love working when, in fact, it is the reverse.
Hello! Just wanted to drop in and say this: I do work. I know what weekends are. I know where money comes from (not from trees, but from working). I know where the power button of my laptop is located. I know ...
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